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SysAlly is an R&D-empowered IoT development company that unites industry & tech experts who share the same product mindset with our customers and inspired by our vision of a smarter, safer, and connected world. As a recognized leader in Internet-of-Things since 2007, we connect data, people, processes, and ideas to address a wide set of needs related to IoT and IIoT. Our perpetual flywheel of innovation keeps us at the forefront of IoT development in high-impact, high-valuation sectors across the globe. Backed by years of expertise, our forward-thinking team can help you build an AI-centric IoT product. Get it done, awesomely.

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Trusted Companies and Teams

Our IoT Development Services

Co-create with SysAlly's IoT cloud agnostic experts: Our team slays, our team rocks, and is insanely good at IoT product development.

IoT Consulting & Strategy Services

Readiness Assessment

We start by understanding your devices and business scenarios, defining the problems you want to address with IoT implementation, assessing your current state of cloud adoption, deciding what data must be collected to meet project goals, evaluating the organizational readiness, and determining how to best manage your solution.

Roadmap Development

Through analysis and understanding of your business processes, we develop a thought-out, clear, and effective roadmap ready for IoT software development. We clarify the AI system's feature set, design the architectural blueprint, create a deployment plan, and choose the right IoT-related tools and hardware devices.

Infrastructure Planning

We plan a data center with proper processing capabilities, set up a data pipeline, and functionally scope solution components like smart devices, backend control, and UIs. Also, we specify the data management, storage, and analytics needs while outlining how data will be stored, processed, and analyzed within our data warehousing strategies.

Architecture Transformation

We can transform your current architecture to help enable a modern digital core - one that connects technologies, services, and data seamlessly while delivering innovative business solutions. Our approach helps companies define a path to a strategic target state, enhance their capabilities, and build a secure & compliant technology foundation.

Custom IoT Development Services

IoT Adoption

Despite years of investment in IoT, many companies are still not fully there. Our services bridge the gap, offering a comprehensive engineering solution for IoT adoption. As a reputed IoT firm, we provide the tools, services, and expertise that span across each layer of the IoT architecture covering deployment, operations, and management.

Asset Enhancement

We retrofit existing equipment with IoT sensors to make them smart and capable of data collection and remote monitoring. We also build custom native and cross-platform mobile applications based on AWS IoT Greengrass and Google Cloud IoT Core. These apps give you on-the-go access to real-time data generated by your smart devices.

AI Enrichment

At SysAlly, we are developing commercially viable and scalable IoT solutions combined with AI to make all the things around us more intelligent. We have the skills in place to build truly smart, speech-enabled devices augmented with integrated AI, Machine Learning, and Big Data technologies that are capable of making autonomous decisions.

Ecosystem Handling

We are proficient in all aspects of AIoT, from the devices collecting the data and the networks that transmit it to the apps that visualize it. This includes expertise in embedded technologies, Cloud services, component hardware, sensor programming, gateway integration, connectivity, desktop and browser-based app development, etc.

Enterprise IoT Development Services

Technical Evaluation

Being a trusted leader in enterprise IoT, our skills are backed up by practical knowledge in 30 industries (notably - telecommunications, manufacturing, supply chain, aviation, and software). Based on our expertise and experience across these five major sectors, we will assess your enterprise's technical capabilities, risks, and opportunities.

Legacy Modernization

We can modernize and scale up your existing IoT setups by re-architecting, re-factoring, or re-platforming existing technology stack and architecture, ensuring tech readiness for the next 10 years. We cater to organizations at different IoT adoption levels, creating ‘smart’ enterprises by connecting their digital devices and business processes.

Asset Management

Organizations deploy, manage, and scale their new & legacy assets while SysAlly handles the underlying hardware and software intricacies to provide scalability and flexibility to the enterprise IoT ecosystem. Businesses today need innovation to thrive as cutting-edge enterprises, and our AIoT professionals can help them get there.

Interoperable Automation

We automate workflow via seamless interoperability between devices and controllers, including robotic systems and AR & VR platforms for immersive experiences. This involves the enhancement of the infrastructure required to support IoT devices and services within an enterprise, based on its organizational structures & operating models.

Embedded IoT Development Services

Systems Engineering

Building firmware and embedded systems takes specialized training & knowledge to understand. Our team is highly proficient in hardware, middleware, SDKs, device drivers, human-machine interfaces, peripherals, network protocols, connectivity, networking, C/C++, low-level system software, and OS internals (inc. Windows, Linux, or macOS).

Firmware Development

Connected products - and the associated embedded software design & development services - are our core competence. We build embedded software (for microcontrollers, processors, gateways, sensors, touch displays, and others) that enables sensors to track location, oversee motion activities, monitor bodily & physical processes, and so on.

Cloud Transmission

We transmit and store this information in the Cloud platform and perform high-end data analysis in edge and fog computing deployments as we aim to shift industries towards the wireless, intelligent edge. You can either keep your data for future use or have us run it through AI algorithms and deliver the insights in real-time to an IoT application.

AI Enhancement

We also employ Natural Language Processing (NLP) to facilitate more conversational interactions with the hardware and software components of these IoT devices. Our team excels in working on tiny objects with powerful algorithms behind them - from consumer electronics to avionic systems to industrial equipment including heavy machinery.

IoT Data Analytics Services

Database Development

We build fault-tolerant, consistently available databases to acquire real-time inputs that can be used for decision-making. Make your business more proactive, productive, and predictive by channeling the power of AI and data into actionable insights that can give you greater control over the infrastructure, processes, environment, and applications.

Dashboard Development

We analyze the collected data using BI tools and present it via interactive, user-friendly, and fully customizable dashboards. Our team has experience working on data visualization solutions and admin dashboards featuring carefully thought-out interfaces. We've also rolled out PoCs involving AI and Big Data in impressively short timeframes.

Algorithm Development

We apply ML, deep learning, and data science algorithms to build organization-wide data ecosystems and enhance visualization, analysis, and reporting capabilities. With our technical finesse, you can benefit from dashboards & reports and identify patterns and trends needed to solve business problems, all while optimizing your entire value chain.

Data Management

We design and implement a Big Data warehouse for the management of sensor data and metadata (i.e. the data about sensor locations, calibrations, and maintenance). Additionally, our data engineers implement ETL processes for a range of data sources including ERP, MES, WMS, and such, augmenting overall gains for our global clients.

Digital Twins Development Services

IoT Integration

The asset being studied is fitted with sensors that produce data about different aspects like energy output, temperature, pressure, weather conditions, and environmental conditions (water quality, chemicals, gases present, etc). We then relay this data to a processing system and apply it to a digital copy to replicate the functionality.

Virtual Modelling

Once informed with such data, our Digital Twins experts design a 360° virtual model to accurately reflect your physical product, process, or service and generate possible improvements. To run simulations, we make use of Azure Digital Twins’ spacial intelligence - one of the greatest innovations in product development and evolution.

3D Visualization

In this stage, we combine data-driven modeling with physics-based approaches so you can virtualize your assets, the environments they function in, and the processes that produce them. We use VR/AR modeling to create a clearer view of objects, allowing you to explore them from different angles and take a closer look at their components.

Behavioral Assessment

The virtual model allows you to study performance issues and assess the asset’s behavior with what-if questions, all with the goal of generating valuable insights that are then applied back to the original physical object. You can change machine specifications on the fly and make flexible customizations on the digital twin itself.

IoT Integration Services

Data Integration

We can integrate device data with the core applications and systems that run your business, whether they're in the cloud or on-premises. By integrating IoT into your existing infrastructure, you can build a secure IoT environment - from connectivity and embedded solutions to comprehensive platforms supported by AI-centered analytics.

IoT Automation

Integrate, automate, and differentiate on the IoT with our industry-recognized integration services. With SysAlly, you can extend company-wide automation, starting automated actions and workflows based on IoT events. Keep data flowing fluidly across your enterprise and cloud applications while fostering efficient business operations.

Third-Party Integration

Supercharge the potential of IoT data generated by your devices and sensors by integrating your smart apps with various third-party software systems and subsystems. This includes data analytics tools (AWS IoT Analytics, AWS IoT SiteWise, Apache iota), and big data tools (Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark, Apache Storm, Casandra, MongoDB).

CV Integration

SysAlly has a strong ecosystem of alliances and partnerships with leading AI vendors and innovators, fostering our adeptness in AI integrations. We integrate IoT with Computer Vision systems like ERP, POS, CCTV, and diagnostic software to detect anomalies in production lines, analyze medical images, ensure real-time inventory visibility, etc.

IoT Support & Maintenance Services

Scoping & Planning

We examine your business needs, app requirements, architecture, tech stack, functionality, backlog of defects, and change requests to define the scope of the app support services. We chart a roadmap outlining critical support around IoT components and gateways which significantly addresses external threats to IoT applications.

Ongoing Maintenance

Elements like feature backlog, app performance requirements and expectations, planned security activities, KPIs, and so on will be part of the ongoing maintenance and planning of your app's life cycle. We will manage, improve, and sustain the app’s performance, security, and development in alignment with the established goals and standards.


Our IoT monitoring services offer network health monitoring, patching, and diagnostics using built-in pipelines for log and metric collection. Additionally, we provide tracking and optimization of cloud resource consumption, allowing you to monitor the performance in real-time to ensure continuous efficiency and seamless operations.

IoT Evolution

We update functional modules, develop new application features, suggest enhancements based on user feedback, conduct feasibility studies, and calculate ROI. Additionally, we integrate new software as they emerge on the market and introduce groundbreaking trends in IoT technology for progressive application development.

Why Choose IoT For Your Project

The new frontier of human evolution: Bringing IoT and AI into the mix for recurring revenue, customer loyalty, and higher margins.

  • Evidence from various reports suggests that the clear darling of 2023's digital trends is IoT. Companies rank IoT 12 places higher in their business strategies and there are already 15.1 billion connected devices worldwide.

    Is this real?

    As much as the vision of the Internet in the 1900s. Let's delve into the real sentiments behind this year's surge in IoT popularity.

    Industry 4.0 brought mechanization across industries, and now intelligence is being woven into automation to redefine the playing field. IoT, coupled with AI/ML mechanisms and cloud innovation, enables companies to identify business opportunities and achieve an early-mover advantage.

    Also, the world of work is changing; IoT-enabled artificial intelligence is continuing to shift almost every job role, whether it's in a factory or behind a desk. It takes what you are doing manually and makes it automated.

    The impact can be seen across our clients’ enterprises from customer service to hyper-automation to knowledge management, set to be transformed. Leaders are consequently understanding how new advancements like AI-driven automation of complex IoT operations can help them better lead their organizations and create strategies for success.

    Notice how many times you read “automated” till now. It is a lot.

    That kind of automation is one of the tremendous advantages an IoT solution can bring.

    Having been a thrill for the world's minds for decades, IoT is unquestionably a major force behind the gigantic growth of AI and ML. And Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) rides that wave.

    Many have said that the brain and the mind are the final frontier of science. However, AI-based devices are now capable of reading our brain signals and translating them into commands, allowing us to control and interact with IoT systems.

  • Many have said that the brain and the mind are the final frontier of science. However, AI-based devices are now capable of reading our brain signals and translating them into commands, allowing us to control and interact with IoT systems.

    But is it possible to bring human brains to the IoT realm? That's what we do at SysAlly!

    BCI might still seem very futuristic and far-fetched today but from our experiments and trials conducted in our R&D lab and field environments, what we do know is that BCI offers a lot of possibilities, possibly way more than humans even know of. Our IoT networks will soon be brimming with innovation, and such incredible achievements will even feature quantum computing and extended reality.

    In essence, IoT-connected technologies offer extraordinary opportunities for organizations. As repeat customers and new prospects are the lifeblood of your business, have Internet-of-Things do the job for you. Think about how you want to change your business and take steps to hire IOT developers in India to take your business to soaring heights.

    • Transform critical business processes for 2x to 8x productivity gains.
    • Turn leads into prospects into customers and keep deals moving forward.
    • Gain up to 70% greater agility and responsiveness to market changes.
    • Improve the elasticity of your products and business operations.
    • Build newer capabilities to shorten development time and cost savings.
    • Become more responsive and resilient to changing business priorities.
    • Achieve high performance for shareholders and employees.
    • Explore new revenue streams and stay relevant to your consumers.

Let's talk about how digital initiatives can transform your business

We'll happily assist in exploring what will work best for you. Like, really best.

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Our Approach to IoT Ecosystem Management

From consumer IoT to IIoT, our ‘Define, Build, and Run’ offerings span the sensor-to-insights spectrum to drive organizational change.


We set up the necessary hardware, software, and network configurations, enabling objects to transfer real-time data. To achieve this, we use 5G networks, communication interfaces, internet gateways, RFID tags, beacons, and smart sensors (different types). Our data egress mechanism ensures smooth connectivity while rationalizing costs. Also, we manage device authentication & provisioning as well as network configuration & control. The process involves enabling massive device connectivity by configuring IoT devices, integrating them into the network, and establishing a data generation layer. This approach ensures a secure integration of smart devices into the IoT infrastructure.


Next, we deliver a functioning IoT environment to collect data relevant to the business. Our architects design embedded and distributed systems to capture large amounts of sensor data (eg. directions and gestures) and ingest them into storage solutions. Using cloud-based services and resources, we develop data lakes and data grids to process & manage voluminous data generated by IoT devices. We also develop intelligently distributed NoSQL databases for in-system and cloud hosting that are scalable to the maximum extent possible. We work with these technologies in addition to managed IoT databases from AWS including MongoDB, Redshift, Timestream, and DynamoDB.


We turn the data acquired from IoT system components into insights that are categorized, searchable, and accessible. Some apps might analyze data close to the source where it’s captured to extract insights as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. This is followed by sending processed/aggregated data to the cloud for further analysis or storage. This hybrid model leverages the benefits of both edge and cloud computing to optimize data processing, storage, and analysis. For remote device management, we pair a mobile app with your device that acts as a remote control for your IoT setup. It lets you configure, administer, and control your network of connected devices.

Hire Our IoT Engineers in 5 Steps

IoT creates buzz, SysAlly creates a path: Blending the right spark of technology and innovation to sell more than just products.

Fill out the contact form protected by NDA, book a calendar, and schedule a Zoom meeting with our team through our website. Alternatively, you can get on a phone call with us to find out more about how we can help your organization navigate its next.


Once you let us know your requirements, our business analysts will promptly get in touch with you to discuss your idea in detail post-signing the NDA. Following this, we'll send you the portfolio of our developers that includes past projects and achievements.


You can select the preferred resumes and conduct technical interviews or coding challenges to evaluate their problem-solving abilities and work style. You can also check their open-source contributions, community involvement, and activities on GitHub.


Based on the project requirements and the team size, we will share a project proposal with budget and timeline estimates. You can hire developers full-time, part-time, or hourly based on your requirements and review & sign the necessary paperwork.


Once the project is signed, we bring together a senior team from a range of disciplines to kick-start your IoT journey. SysAlly gives you more visibility into your remote development team's work with automatic time tracking and virtual daily stand-ups.


Why SysAlly For Your IoT Project

Experience the power of IoT products built by the collective expertise of the 14-year-old established software development company.

Expertise in the Field

Our AIoT team consists of Mechanical, Electronic, Electrical, and Software engineers who have worked in every possible sector, from retail and FinTech to healthcare and life sciences, and beyond. We are proud of the diverse IoT development projects that we have done: from managing smart city lighting systems with 2 million devices to setting up smart offices and tracking entire fleets. Our international recognition as a trusted IoT partner attests to our expertise, and our focus on quality places our solutions as the best in the automation space. Let our combined experience, entrepreneurial will, and digital savvy be the backbone of your next venture.

AgileOps Culture

At SysAlly, we did some rethinking around product backlogs, teams, roles, and skillsets of our product team, including how user stories are created, and the planning & execution of iterations. We blend our Agile teams with the DevOps methodology which is considered from the very moment we recruit our teams, continuing through the planning & development of our apps and their eventual retirement. By combining the collaborative and cross-functional aspects of DevOps with Agile's simplicity and responsiveness to change, we're able to ensure quick progression, shorter release cycles, and maximum effectiveness of all the teams.

Predictable ROI

We create smart device prototypes using sensors and boards to help businesses get an understanding of their product, test concepts, and assess the likelihood of success before proceeding to full-scale development. Also, SysAlly's Digital Twins tech practices allow you to examine, alter, test, monitor, and maintain products in a virtual environment even before physical gadget prototypes are created. Following this, we engineer digital ecosystems through our collaborative and iterative device engineering approach that applies design thinking concepts & principles. This minimizes risks and maximizes ROI at every stage of the process.

People-First Approach

SysAlly is the inventor of sustainable AI applications in Green IoT. We are a caring bunch who, for over 17 years, have been exploring IoT development from the perspective of the earth to co-create an environmentally sound future. Our company plays an important part in enabling sustainability and developing products for a cleaner, better future. We strategically partner and co-innovate with client organizations, focusing on delivering value as well as more sustainable IoT systems. We enable additional flexibility with the increasing use of 5G networks so that our clients can achieve more with less - specifically pertaining to power consumption.

Advanced Infrastructure

To compete, businesses continually need to provide new and better services. We have our own R&D Centers - started in 2010 - which uniquely positions us to do just that. SysAlly's infrastructure is one of the best in the industry, having our own premises right in the heart of the city. We care about our client's investments in IoT development projects, and our top-of-the-line unit enables us to deliver a truly collaborative ecosystem for solving challenges, right from the initial idea to the launch and beyond. It ensures that you have what is needed to build a highly scalable IoT software solution, more frequently, at a significantly lower cost.

Transparency is Key

SysAlly builds all its IoT development services around the KPIs defined in the SLA. Upon defining custom sets of goals to track the achievement, we analyze the information needs of each stakeholder and discuss the best means and frequency to communicate. With us, you can expect clear & open communication, keeping you in the loop always. We track the KPIs’ fulfillment internally and send detailed reports at a schedule convenient for you - including weekly/monthly performance evaluation, team productivity, service quality, test execution, testing summary, revised risk management strategy, workload (actual vs. planned), etc.

Know No Boundaries

SysAlly is a founding partner of the Global IoT Consortium, dedicated to developing high-quality software products using advanced tech in 17+ countries including the USA, Canada, Europe, Asia, New Zealand, Israel, the Middle East, and other geographies. We work jointly with academia, technology startups, device manufacturers, and industrial consortia to bridge knowledge gaps in their IoT projects so their people can operate with IoT at their fingertips. Whether it's factory workers or someone on the frontlines or knowledge workers, we have specific training programs planned for 2024 and beyond to ensure they're prepared to master IoT usage.

Security & Compliance

SysAlly treats security as an integral part of IoT application development and hardware design. Throughout the 17 years of history, we have addressed compliance with IoT industry standards and regulations to ensure the security, interoperability, and reliability of IoT solutions. This includes a range of measures including DDoS and APT prevention, infrastructure compliance review, as well as network, server, database, and application vulnerability assessment. For us, meeting these standards is an essential factor in developing and deploying enterprise-grade IoT systems with advanced encryption, biometrics, blockchain technology, and such.

Our Recent Projects

As one of India's leading AI development companies, SysAlly offers the following services to businesses.

  • projects

    We developed a comprehensive Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) solution that analyzes the feed from your existing CCTV nodes to accurately predict health and safety hazards at your workplace in real-time, spanning across multiple areas like PPE detection, area control, housekeeping, hazard detection, and more. Using this solution, companies can reduce workplace hazards, make compliance management easy, optimize the performance of machines, and make the workplace a safer place.

  • projects
    Digital transformation of health and safety department

    We developed a solution for a leading holding company that owns and operates shopping malls, retail, and hotel establishments. The platform helps the employees log their daily EHSQ activities like incident reporting, auditing, inspections, permit management, and training. Over 6000 employees use this portal, saving them 2 hours of their daily routine.

  • projects
    Digitalising the startup accelerator process

    We built a platform for a leading corporate incubator /accelerator for startups that focus on ICT / digital innovation to support, enable, and empower entrepreneurship & digital innovation. The solution helped the client manage all startup operations from application to funding effortlessly while receiving the analytics in the front end.

Let's talk about how digital initiatives can transform your business

We'll happily assist in exploring what will work best for you. Like, really best.

What Our Clients Have To Say About Us

We can wax lyrical about all the awesome things we do for our clients, but we prefer to let our results - and our clients - speak for themselves.

  • Alexander Ruhl
    Integration Design Manager, Vodafone Global Germany
  • Abdulaziz F. Altayyar
    Product Owner - InspireU, STC Saudi Arabia
  • Extraordinary team with extraordinary skills. My association with PiServe has brought wonders in our process automation. A well versed team with high level ITSM knowledge.  

  • PiServe delivered with ingenuity, using best-of-breed services and unmatched talent, transforming InspireU into a secured, scalable and user-friendly platform.

Case studies

At SysAlly, we create momentum. All year round, our AI projects energize and set the tempo for the industry - explore some of our success stories.

  • Vodafone

    The client wanted to automate its VMware-based infrastructure virtual machine provisioning for their internal teams across three different data centers in Europe. The Cloud platform has to be completely end-to-end automated with maximum open-source technology support.

    Case studies
  • Decathlon

    The client wanted to develop an application to manage their tenders, which was manual. They also wanted a front-end application where contractors could see the tenders and apply for them, whereas the team evaluates tenders as part of an approval process.

    Case studies
  • InspireU from STC

    InspireU from STC is an initiative to help aspiring entrepreneurs reach their digital products dream by providing a platform to build and launch their solution-driven ideas in the market. Starting small, the startup frenzy caught up rapidly. The company wanted to digitize the entire incubation process.

    Case studies
  • Majid Al Futtaim

    The core requirement of this project is to bring digital transformation to the health and safety system of one of the biggest facility management companies in the MEA region.

    Case studies
  • Khidmah (Aldar Group)

    The core requirement of this project is to digitally transform the health and safety system and bring a smooth EHSQ process to one of the biggest facility management companies in the MEA region.

    Case studies

Our Recent Blog Posts

A collection of insightful information about advancements in IoT, 5G, and Edge for every business - from our team of thought leaders.

  • Blog
    How to design your site footer like we did
    February 24 2021 Read time 3 min
  • Blog
    How to Restore Folders from Glacier to S3
    February 24 2021 Read time 3 min
  • Blog
    cPanel to DirectAdmin Migration
    February 24 2021 Read time 3 min

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most frequently asked questions that our clients ask.

For most companies and industries, smart technologies like IoT are becoming part of their solution, but they are still relatively untapped in potential. Cloud is the only place where IoT apps gain scale & agility. It provides the infrastructure and resources needed for IoT to thrive so it's recommended to have Cloud as your IoT system's bedrock.

While IoT developers can be found on many marketplaces, top-rated tech professionals often avoid platforms because of bidding wars. Consider hiring mavens from SysAlly by filling out a contact form, scheduling a call for an initial meeting, and progressing through a free consultation, developer interviewing, cost estimation, and project kickoff.

Because we're in a league of our own. From SaaS companies and SMEs to well-established entrepreneurial ventures - you name it, and we have worked for it. Clients value us as we incorporate sophisticated technologies such as AI, Edge Computing, Big Data, and Digital Twins simulation into their business processes.

Our IoT team is proficient with the following frameworks, platforms, ML tools, Cloud databases, hardware, and protocols:

  • IoT.js, Device.js
  • AWS IoT, Azure IoT, ThingWorx, ThingBoard
  • Apache Spark, Hadoop, Kafta, MLlib
  • Amazon DynamoDB, Azure SQL Database
  • Raspberry Pi, Arduino, iBeacons
  • LoRaWAN, OpenIoT, MQTT, NB-IoT
  • Bluetooth, ZigBee, Sigfox, Wi-Fi, RFID, NFC
  • LAN, Ethernet

We are involved in different types of AI-powered IoT projects including but not limited to:

  • Fleet monitoring and connected transport
  • Asset management and equipment tracking
  • Healthcare/patient monitoring
  • Preventative and predictive maintenance
  • Indoor navigation and geofencing
  • NFC-based contactless payment
  • Warehouse automation
  • Inventory management
  • CV-Infused video surveillance
  • Office/workplace automation
  • Smart wearables

The hardware needs for IoT projects depend on the application and the phase of the development process. Certain IoT apps may need custom hardware, while others can employ off-the-shelf sensors and devices. Our team can design and develop IoT hardware for your connected product using multiple chipsets and operating systems.

We can build you a smart home solution that gives you control over comfort, security, lighting, temperature, and even your pet's food consumption. Empower your household with intelligent in-house devices that can detect plumbing leaks, electrical issues, or appliance failures. Scale up to realize the same in communities and entire cities.

Most of our IoT developers are located in India but we are adept at working the same hours as you do. Our 13-hour comfortable hours would make meetings possible with clients from all around the world. This can be a beneficial proposition to companies located in faraway time zones such as California, Europe, Australia, and Eastern America.

After launch, we do provide support for a specific period of time which covers infrastructure monitoring, technical support, development fixes, and issue tracking. When this free support plan expires, you can opt for our paid Support services. We also accept Change Requests for additional tasks which will be charged prorata basis.

Let's talk about how digital initiatives can transform your business

We'll happily assist in exploring what will work best for you. Like, really best.

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