Startup Incubator

Bringing digital transformation to process for the startups from application to funding

The startup incubator solution automates the processes happening in the corporate incubator. The comprehensive solution consists of a dynamic form builder that simplifies the application process, an evaluation module for selection, a due diligence module to handle and validate business documents, an academy room for training and assignments, a progress report module that manages data and reports, mark card module to handle startup scores and funding, a document management system, and chat module for communication. Our solution helped businesses simplify their startup incubation process and attain high efficiency. We provide high-security measures to ensure your data security.

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Startup Incubator

Key Challenges

The current startup incubator ecosystem has a decentralized process, with no platform to collaborate or for the stakeholders to have micro visibility across any of the operations. The strategy is almost entirely manual, having no central data available for monitoring KPIs and analytics. Startup incubators use third-party apps, hence resulting in the loss of time and effort. The current ecosystem lacks a central database, which affects their operations in a long time.

The Solution

The startup incubator solution offers a centralized platform to manage all the processes and offers great transparency to all stakeholders on the visibility of the progress of the startups. We automate repetitive and mundane tasks like scheduling meetings, customizing tasks, communication etc. The platform supports training and assignment-based programs for startups.

Key Features

  • Programs
  • Academy rooms
  • Attendance
  • Progress report
  • Mark cards

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