E-tender application management

Digitizing a traditionally manual tender application platform

Technologies: Java, React, SAP, MySQL


Decathlon, a global sporting goods retailer, is a dynamic and expansive hub for sports enthusiasts worldwide. With a dedication to making sports accessible to all, Decathlon offers an extensive range of sports equipment, apparel, and accessories catering to various sporting disciplines. Their commitment to innovation and affordability shows in their diverse product lines designed to suit athletes of all levels, from beginners to professionals. Decathlon's in-house brands deliver high-quality gear for numerous sports, ensuring accessibility and performance without compromising value. The company's mission revolves around encouraging an active lifestyle and fostering a love for sports, encapsulating its motto of "making sports accessible for the many." Through its widespread global presence and dedication to promoting sporting culture, Decathlon continues to empower individuals, enabling them to pursue their passion for sports while championing inclusivity and affordability. The client sought an application to streamline their manual tender management process. They required a front-end interface enabling contractors to view tenders and submit applications while the team undertook evaluations within an approval framework. The existing manual system relied on mailed tender invitations and proposals, followed by in-person valuations, consuming substantial time in the procurement team's routine. Our solution automated the entire tender life cycle, from invitation to invoice processing. The portal facilitated tender evaluations through an approval workflow, allowing authorized personnel to approve or reject tenders based on team inputs. Additionally, the system enabled team members to rate tenders on a scale of 1 to 10, ensuring transparency. Since 2017, the client portal has processed over 80,000 tenders, resulting in a daily saving of 30 minutes per employee.


  • Tender Creation - The module lets applicants create tenders with all the necessary details.
  • Contractor Invitations - The module lets the admin invite contractors for various projects and manages their tenders and processes.
  • Bid Management - The module helps the clients manage the bids involved with the tenders.
  • Proposal Management - The module helps the client effortlessly manage the proposals for each tender.
  • Project Awards Management - The module lets the client manage the awarding system for each project.


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