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AWS Cloud Consulting to the Rescue


A first-of-its-kind comprehensive Influencer Marketing Platform in India provides digital solutions to assist its clients in reaching their customers efficiently. The client wanted to modernize its infrastructure and expand its customer base rapidly.

The platform caters to all aspects of influencer marketing operations by offering a wide range of features and tools, including influencer discovery, campaigns, management, and analytics.

The Business Challenge

As a bootstrapped startup, the founders commissioned a freelancing team for initial product development. The hired team built the application on a non-cloud monolithic architecture that included a shared data source and codebase. It was developed in an unstructured way, and there was no single point of truth.

Once the application was launched, its large size slowed down the start-up time, and each update required redeployment of the entire application. Due to the complexity of the application structure, it was grueling work to make changes quickly and adapt workloads among multiple teams.

The main challenges faced by the client included difficulty in adjusting to constant changes in the business environment, technical problems in adding new features, scalability, and high spending on both cost and time.

The Solution

The client reached out to SysAlly as it was looking for a cost-effective solution with an experienced partner. SysAlly first provided cloud consulting and identified the opportunities for cloud adoption with the company’s in-house developers, and created a blueprint of the strategic tasks to be carried out.

SysAlly’s technical team of AWS Solutions Architects and DevOps engineers introduced specific SaaS solutions for enhancing the platform’s throughput with minimal application engineering.

The technical team then set up a development environment and provided training to the in-house developers. The in-house developers worked on the application and made changes to the platform to re-host it to AWS.

SysAlly established the microservices architecture and production infrastructure, configured the Continuous Integration and Delivery (CI/CD) release pipelines, and finally deployed the influencer marketing platform in AWS.

The Results

ysAlly assisted in incorporating the best cloud services tailored to the client’s requirement, which led to a lean, seamless, and highly scalable application in AWS. Feature release became rapid and effortless as a result of CI/CD pipelines.

With AWS’ SaaS model, the client gained quality services cost-effectively. By applying microservices architecture, the application responded to changing requirements by developing faster with more agility, facilitating the latest feature deployment and innovations.

200% Productivity

Migration to AWS cloud translated to a dramatic increase in productivity that increased profitability.

Future Proof

Deployed solution was reusable, scalable, and resilient to failure, ensuring unhindered business growth.

Feature Release

Ensured On-demand releases matched the fast-paced rhythm of the constantly updating application landscape

The Impact

After successfully implementing AWS cloud, the company effectively established a scalable platform for unified delivery to business customers, offering improved profitability and digital monitoring, marketing, and analytics. It also decreased manual processes by harnessing multiple cloud technologies. With SysAlly’s initiatives, the client witnessed business transformation, enhanced service experience, and cost reduction.

About SysAlly

At SysAlly, we are driven by the goal of providing long-lasting cloud solutions. We value our relationship with our customers and we work with them to elevate their business to the goal they dream of. We put our expertise to use and make their business robust and agile. That’s SysAlly: Customers first.

" "I had built an MVP of the application, but later I understood that is not necessary for an application to scale up and live up the demand, then team SysAlly came into the picture, and they took care of the entire application and AWS infrastructure. Today, we are one of the top influencer marketing companies in India.""

Sasneh R

Founder & CEO - Bragit

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