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365andUP is a one-shop-stop platform for uptime, malware, and performance monitoring to keep your website up 365 days a year. 365andUP records and analyzes a website’s performance and offers actionable insights to optimize and make it search engine friendly.

With 365andUP, businesses can make informed decisions, get alerts instantaneously, monitor their website performance globally, and track their performance through time.

Established in 2019, 365andUP is based in San Francisco and caters to large corporations worldwide, including Vodafone and Etisalat. It delivers services to various industries having an online presence across all verticals.

The Business Challenge

365andUP was running on a hybrid infrastructure of AWS and DigitalOcean as providers. The data generation from DigitalOcean during the one-minute website monitoring test resulted in a massive amount of data influx towards AWS inbound traffic. This was causing failure of scale-up at times, leading to disrupted monitoring services.

As one of the biggest web performance monitoring providers, 365andUP wanted to upscale and offer improved performance to accommodate the rising demand for their services. With a need to assist an ever-increasing number of customers and an even higher number of websites to monitor, the challenge involved re-engineering their hybrid infrastructure (of AWS and DigitalOcean) and shifting entirely to AWS.

The Solution

The company wanted a premier AWS consulting company locally and approached SysAlly following a recommendation from an old client. SysAlly performed a thorough initial assessment and came up with a two-stage strategy. The first stage involved refactoring all monitoring services to AWS that enhanced the quality, performance, availability, and maintenance. This allowed the application to adapt quickly to the changing customer demands and maintain resilience rapidly.

And secondly, SysAlly leveraged AWS’ PaaS services to include replacing repetitive tasks with the serverless solution, Lambda; moving queue management to SQS; and reducing team effort by using the managed service of DocumentDB.

The Results

After implementing the solution, 365andUP’s application became autonomous, resolving the issue of performance, scalability, and system maintenance. With the resolution of various problems, the engineering team’s workload was reduced dramatically, leaving them free time to revamp the user interface and supplement new features swiftly.

With continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) implementation accompanied by automated testing, the deployment process was prompt and quickly introduced updates.

Cost Reduction

The solution delivered a 40% reduction in monthly AWS expenses.

Easy Scale Up

Ensured faster business growth by supporting rapid product expansion. 

Faster Deployment

The team streamlined the development process for increased response time and quality. 

The Impact

The transition to AWS allowed the engineering team to uplift the overall look and feel of 365andUP’s website. The improved application offered easy access, smooth transitions, and expeditious introduction of new features. This transition ensured performance efficiency, operational excellence, and enriched client experience.

About SysAlly

At SysAlly, we are driven by the goal of providing long-lasting cloud solutions. We value our relationship with our customers and we work with them to elevate their business to the goal they dream of. We put our expertise to use and make their business robust and agile. That’s SysAlly: Customers first.

" The change we saw in 365andUP after SysAlly took charge of the cloud is tremendous. We can spend our time on improving the product now, instead of spending time managing the AWS infrastructure."

Subeesh Madanan

Technology Architect - 365andUP

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