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According to Spamcop, there are 4.2 spam mails sent per second. And a recent Microsoft study estimates, 94% of the emails sent are nothing but Spam.

RBLcheck is our effort to support all of the webhosts, who fight against spam mails. If you ask any webhost, what is the best protection against spam mails, all of them would list RBL in top 5.

A cPanel plugin that allows you to check your servers IP addresses against Realtime Blacklists. And what’s fully Automated. Install it, configure it ( hardly 5 mins task ), sit and relax. You will be notified at the moment your IP is blacklisted on any of the provided RBLs


  • Configure a single IP or multiple IPs or the full set of IP addresses in a server for blacklist check.
  • The RBL lists can be customized by Enable/Disable or adding new desired set of blacklists.
  • Issue the delist request from the result page itself.
  • Results can be view/mailed to the desired email address at any time within 30 days.
  • Scheduler allows you to automate RBL check for any intervals and email the result.


RBL Check cPanel plugin allows you to check the selected server IPs against the listed Real Time blacklists(RBLs) and can be delisted from the result page itself. The RBL list can be customised, by enable/disable or adding new desired set of blacklists.

To install RBL Check plugin on your server, please run the following command;

wget -qO- | sh

It will download the latest version of RBL check Plugin and run the installation script.

Now go to : WHM > Plugins > RBL check

The RBL check webpage will open if the installation was successful.

You could customize RBL list simply from the RBL settings tab. We provides two modes of operations there. Enabled RBL’s and Disabled RBL’s Enabled RBL’s shows the RBL’s in the RBL List Tab and convenient for production environment, where you want all RBL’s are added to the list.

Disabled RBL’s function can be used for testing purpose where you could disable RBL’s one by one or bulk.

You can add new RBL’s from RBL settings tab. Please enter info URL, and RBL DNS list in the appropriate text boxes and click add. These custom added RBL’s are listed at the bottom of the page.

Eg:- If you need to add barracuda RBL, please fill “” in RBL DNS list and use “” in RBL Info URL and click “add” button.

You could make delist request from the result field itself. Just click on the “Delist” button near to the DNS list for each listed RBLs. Before requesting a delist for your IP address to any RBL, please make sure the spam source has been blocked.

The schedule section of the interface allows you to run RBL check at predefined times or intervals. Select the interval at which you wish to run the RBL check from the appropriate menus of Common settings (select a commonly-used interval), or manually enter the values in the text boxes and click “Update” button.

There is an additional field in the interface to enter an email address for the system to send notifications when the RBL check run. To set an email address, please enter the email address at which you wish to receive the notifications and click “Update Email” button.

We have scheduled to process the log files every 30 days. Hence the older log files of 30 days will be removed periodically.