Spamcop reports 4.2 spam mails every second. A recent Microsoft study estimates that over 94% of the emails as spam mails. RBL Check is our effort to support all web hosts who fight spam mails. Almost all web hosts regard RBL as one of the best spam protection strategies.

RBL Check is a handy cPanel plugin that performs fully automated checks of your servers’ IP addresses against real-time blacklists (RBLs). RBL Check is quick and easy to install. You will receive real-time notifications of blacklisted IPs.


RBL check

Configure single or multiple IP addresses in a server for blacklist checks.

RBL check

The RBLs can be customized from the ‘Enable’ & ‘Disable’ tabs by adding new desired set of blacklists.

RBL check

Delist requests can be issued from the result page itself.

RBL check

Results can be viewed or mailed to the desired email address at any time within 30 days.

RBL check

Scheduler allows you to automate RBL checks for configurable time intervals, and email the result.

  • Installation is quite straightforward. Perform the following command in a root shell on your server via SSH. It downloads the latest version of RBL Check plugin, and runs the installation script.
    wget -qO- | sh
  • Now go to: WHM > Plugins > RBL Check
  • The RBL Check web page will be opened now.
  • Removing RBL check Plugin is easy as a pie. Just login in a root shell on your server via SSH, and run the following.
  • # cd/etc/rblcheck/
    # sh


  • How can I customize the RBLs?
  • You can customize the RBLs from the ‘RBL Setting’ tab. You can find two sections here, viz., ‘Enabled RBLs’ & ‘Disabled RBLs’. The ‘Enabled RBLs’ section represents the RBLs for which the IP addresses in the server are checked. You can include the lower priority RBLs in the ‘Disabled RBLs’ section to save time, or for using them later.
  • Can I get the results of the checks on my email?
  • Yes, of course. An email of your choice can be configured from the ‘Schedule’ section for receiving the RBL check results.
  • Can I set an interval of my choice for the automated checks?
  • Yes. The RBL checks can be performed at user-defined intervals. You can set the interval of your choice from the ‘Schedule’ section. Input the desired values in the boxes for minute, hour, day etc. or select a common interval from the ‘Common Setting’ drop menu. After setting your preferred interval, click ‘Update’ for effectuating it.
  • How can I add new RBLs?
  • New RBLs are added from the ‘RBL Setting’ tab. Enter the info URL and RBL DNS list of your desired RBL in the appropriate text boxes, and click ‘Add’ for completing the operation. These RBLs will be listed at the bottom of the ‘Enabled RBLs’ by default.

    For example, if you want to add Barracuda RBL, use “” in the RBL DNS list box, and use “” in the RBL Info URL, and click ‘Add’ to append your RBL to the list of ‘Enabled RBLs’.
  • How can I make a delist request?
  • Delist requests can be made from the result window itself. Just click the “Delist” button near the DNS list for each listed RBLs for making the request. Before making a delist request for your IP address to any RBL, make sure that all spam sources are blocked.
  • Are the log files cleared automatically?
  • Yes. The log files more than 30 days old will be cleared automatically.