Optimizing Application Delivery with DevOps and Containerization Services


One of the significant players in the Mobile Device Management (MDM) industry in the USA, the client, provides intelligent solutions for companies across the globe to regulate, monitor, and secure employees’ mobile devices.

The client has offered award-winning Unified Endpoint Management services to over 100 countries across various industry verticals. Headquartered in San Francisco, they provide comprehensive device management, including enterprise-wide devices, apps, content, and identity and threat management.

The Business Challenge

Due to its excellent performance and exponential growth, the client was flooded by massive waves of new users. Their rapidly accelerating business demanded the quick release of new features, disrupting their roadmap.

With millions of users operating the product around the clock and relying on its short response times, the company had to make new server provisions for all new users, including releasing new features within 5 hours.

The company was also facing the challenge of managing Virtual Machines (VMs) created during the new account signups. The VMs caused difficulties in updating all applications at once, disrupting the user experience. Implementing a new solution supporting continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) capabilities was critical without disturbing the existing operations.

The Solution

After evaluating different partners, they chose SysAlly as it had proven expertise in similar solutions and various references from industry leaders. SysAlly worked with the company to understand its functional requirements and business objectives.

For the main challenge of releasing new features quickly, SysAlly re-engineered the VM-based application to a container-based solution. Containers provided agile assimilation with the existing DevOps environment. Container infrastructure was set up using AWS Fargate, ECS, and Lambda services.

Containers offered quicker deployment and development at scale and faster response times, leading to a good user experience. After intensive testing, all the services were moved to the container, and this integration allowed the platform to develop superior competencies and flexibility in application deployment.

The second challenge involved the implementation of a DevOps culture and CI/CD pipelines for the container workloads. Application development was automated using Jenkins and Terraform for the build, test, and deployment. With a DevOps solution in place, SysAlly facilitated automated configuration, enhanced scalability, and improved management.

The Results

The implementation of container technology led to the removal of VMs and the establishment of 5000+ containers, resolving application issues and improving resource utilization. Containers enabled portability and microservices that led to the reduction of operational costs. {brea
k} As a result of various automation and streamlined work, SysAlly drastically reduced the workload of their support team, enabling them to work on other applications, increasing productivity. Implementation of DevOps culture transformed deployment and delivery of new updates and features, with a significant decrease in time.

Return on Investment (ROI) in 4 months

We applied containerization and optimized resource utilization to increase operational efficiency.

Improved Management

With the introduction of cloud services, performance was boosted, and processes were aligned strategically by SysAlly.

Periodic Product Rollouts

The solution delivered a faster response to changing requirements to meet the growing demand.

The Impact

With SysAlly’s support, the client today offers high stability, flexibility, and scalability, ensuring security with quick feature releases. The company now caters to millions of users and handles a substantial amount of traffic without a hitch. The new and improved platform provides a frictionless experience to users leading to the doubling of customer satisfaction rate.

About SysAlly

At SysAlly, we are driven by the goal of providing long-lasting cloud solutions. We value our relationship with our customers and we work with them to elevate their business to the goal they dream of. We put our expertise to use and make their business robust and agile. That’s SysAlly: Customers first.

" SysAlly helped us get the task done in 20% of the effort we estimated due to their knowledge in cloud and containers, the knowledge otherwise we could have learned first and then implemented."

CTO, MDM Client

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