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As your business grows, its reliance on fast-evolving IT systems will also grow. However, handling an entire IT infrastructure is not only time-consuming, but it also presents an ongoing challenge for business organizations. At SysAlly, we provide transparent and easy-to-understand managed services plans that provide value to businesses of all sizes. Our managed services pricing is dynamic and tailored to meet your specific business needs, which makes the IT costs highly predictable and scalable.

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What is Managed IT Services?

Managed IT services is an arrangement that allows your business to outsource its ever-expanding scope of IT responsibilities to a service provider, better known as a Managed Service Provider (MSP). This holistic, collaborative strategy serves as an effective and long-term solution for improving operations, managing expenses, and aligning your technology for business growth.

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Managed services framework - Our approach

Every business has its own set of unique attributes, operational needs and financial responsibilities. That is why we offer a bespoke, flexible approach towards managed services that acts as an extension of your business operations and capabilities. Our IT managed services framework endows your business with technical knowledge and tools that drive efficiency and performance of your organization and its people.

Mobilization and Discovery
Our process begins with understanding your business and its objectives. We define the foundational components for the support, followed by the engagement of the support team and socializing the operating model with the key stakeholders. Together with your team, we work on strategic decisions that deliver targeted services to drive long-term growth and success for your business.
Knowledge transfer
The most critical part for managed services vendors to take up is how effective the knowledge transfer has been done. Our process starts by Identifying critical processes and support functions where we gather the technical knowledge, administrative knowledge and functional knowledge required to run the service, followed by detailed documentation.
Support and Operations
Our success criteria depends on how efficiently we can work to ensure minimum impact on mission-critical business during the transition. We do this by our state of the art take over by shadowing the outgoing team, where we work together with your team and finally the full take over. Our team will be fully engaged on the onshore, near shore or the offshore engagement model. Day to day support activities in regard with the SLA’s and KPI’s are efficiently communicated with weekly meetings with the stakeholders.
Re-engineering opportunities
There is always room for improvement. Once the support is running smoothly, our team of experts start focusing on identifying the re-engineering opportunities which will align with your organizational goals. The key highlights of the activity will be standardizing, optimizing and automating the processes which leads to an efficient system and gives you a chance to innovate.

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The SysAlly impact

With SysAlly’s specialization, a government entity leverages managed services to deliver premier IT performance and security to ensure rapid responsiveness and reliability during all times while keeping pace with its growth. SysAlly provided 3600 monitoring, which drastically reduced the risk of downtimes and enhanced user experience.

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Harness the Benefits of Managed services

Businesses of all sizes strive for operational efficiency, but not all of them can devote their time, resources and workforce to do so. That is why it makes sense to take advantage of the many benefits of managed IT services.

Managed services model for your business

A managed services model takes a proactive approach to accelerate your return on technology investment by taking on, transforming and managing your business IT infrastructure. At SysAlly, our managed services offerings enable enterprises to keep pace with the ever-evolving technological requirements and dynamic expectations. Depending on the scope of your company’s IT needs, you may choose from our varied types of managed services.

Application management and support
Monitor, optimize, maintain and update your mission-critical business applications with our application management and support services. Our transparent and pragmatic approach towards managing your applications and IT infrastructure ensures improved services levels and faster resolutions.
Infrastructure management services
Create, run, scale and optimize next-generation IT infrastructure with SysAlly. Our infrastructure management approach, combined with the industry best practices, market-leading tools and delivery capabilities enables organizations to successfully leverage their IT systems and maintain a competitive edge.
Managed IT Support services
Establish a single point of contact to resolve all your IT challenges quickly and efficiently with our Managed IT support services. SysAlly offers support, maintenance and monitoring of your hardware and software systems during times of uncertainty and limited technical resources.
Cloud Managed Services
Operate cloud workloads and navigate the complexities of scaled cloud operations such as design, provision, management, monitoring and disaster recovery with SysAlly. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of cloud-managed service offerings that address governance across finance, technical, and operational requirements.
Managed Security Services
Strengthen your organizations’ security defences with our managed security services. SysAlly’s managed security services empower your organization to secure critical data assets against malicious attacks, eliminate blind spots and gain better visibility into your overall security posture.

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