Managing the Unmanageable with Managed Services


A UAE-based government entity wanted to improve performance, decrease cost, and outsource their IT infrastructure and application management services to near-shore and off-shore sites. Located in Dubai, the client is leading the efforts to modernize governmental human resources (HR) and align HR programs and initiatives with the Emirates’ strategic objectives.

They manage and support the transformation of human resources through the upgrade of regulatory and organizational structures. They also update HR applications and practices regularly to direct and plan the process of building national capacities.

The Business Challenge

The organization had a complex IT environment consisting of on-premise and cloud servers. There were several applications with dependencies between both environments. The security was also a cause of concern as there was a data breach, even though the client was using on-premise servers for data security.

The key challenges included lack of technical and architectural documentation, absence of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Service Level Agreement (SLA) breaches, and inappropriate and irregular setup of help desk L1, L2, and L3 support teams.

The Solution

The organization wanted an experienced partner with managed services competency. SysAlly matched the requirement with eight years of working experience in the UAE and proven expertise with various government agencies.

SysAlly set up the near-shore team from the Dubai office and off-shore support from the India delivery center with a clear action plan. The first phase was used to fill the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) gaps and streamline their applications and processes.

As a priority, SysAlly started creating a ‘Single Source of Truth (SSOT)’ and completed the 200-page documentation detailing the company’s data within six months. With SSOT as the foundation, SLAs and KPIs were defined realistically and standardized.

Within six months, SysAlly consolidated disparate processes and optimized the company’s operations, applications, security, and services based on the incident records and performance details.

SysAlly arranged and configured a centralized, Tier 1-2-3 help desk (L1, L2, and L3) supporting end-user devices, incident tickets management, and Network Operations Center (NOC) in India. ServiceNow was used for logging, prioritizing, escalating, tracking, resolving, closing, and documenting incident tickets. SysAlly also monitored the network, applications, outputs, and services 24/7 to ensure that SLAs, and other quality metrics, were met.

The Results

The implementation of a help desk, continuous monitoring, and predictive analysis led to a decrease in incident reports. With 90% first call resolutions, the client delivered an improved overall user experience and satisfaction rating. With the documentation in place, SysAlly enabled the end-users to self-service resulting in fewer calls and increased productivity.

40% Decrease in Incidents

The percentage of incidents dropped by 40 % within the first six months of project take-over.

ROI in 8 months

The team delivered total ROI by optimizing complex processes, establishing missing procedures, and standardizing the faulty services.

Measurable KPIs

The team established KPIs with quantifiable results to increase efficiency and decision-making.

The Impact

The establishment of the new digital ecosystem with SSOT, SLAs, and KPIs empowered the client with increased visibility, security, and transparency across the entire organization. The combination of KPIs and SLAs and consolidation of resources and processes provided the client with multi-dimensional reporting, enhanced business operations, and workforce optimization.

About SysAlly

At SysAlly, we are driven by the goal of providing long-lasting cloud solutions. We value our relationship with our customers and we work with them to elevate their business to the goal they dream of. We put our expertise to use and make their business robust and agile. That’s SysAlly: Customers first.

" Since SysAlly took over our applications management, the system has gotten a lot better in terms of availability and functionality."

Director of Applications - UAE based Government Entity

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