When it comes to establishing a stellar online presence, building an attractive website from scratch is considerably a painless task in the entire process as it only requires ample resources and a good designer. But choosing an apt hosting plan for a newly made website is a dreaded task as it depends upon various outside variables like the nature of the business, the kind of website you want, the amount of traffic you expect as well as the resources you can contribute on top of the plethora of baffling hosting offers available to choose from the hosting companies.
Since the selection of a hosting plan attracts as many variables as these, it is advisable to go in line with the various deciding factors while considering a web hosting company than ending up with a web hosting plan from a company that does not work well for you in the long run.
In this blog, we focus on these various factors and guide you to choose a perfect hosting partner that matches all your hosting needs.
1. Know your needs
Before laying your eyes on a web hosting plan, you need to come in accordance with the kind of needs your business requires to reach its full potential.  That is, if you are planning to achieve more traffic and have more features in your website, then you need ample resources and thus have to consider premium hosting plans like dedicated or cloud hosting.

But if you only want a static website or a simple dynamic website with moderate features and expect only moderate or less traffic,  shared hosting can suffice your needs.
2. 24/7/365 Server Uptime
When it comes to hosting servers, 24/7/365 server uptime is the norm. As server uptime has to cover the entire 365 days of the year and runs round-the-clock. You need to team up with a company who has a good track record of ensuring guaranteed uptimes. Ensuring uptimes increase the chances of better SEO rankings and thereby increase the credibility and availability of your website to all your visitors at all times.
3. 99.99% Uptime
At times, you may feel the 99.99% uptime unconditionally guaranteed by hosting companies is nothing more than a phony trick to lure in customers. But it need not be like that when you team up with a knowledgeable web hosting company.
99.99% uptime is the ultimate result of a company working in the background with its bells and whistles running 24/7/365. When you are teaming up with a hosting provider, makes sure they deliver guaranteed uptimes to provide you with an exquisite customer service.
4. Expertise of the Company
There is a high chance that some hosting providers are around for so long that they have decades of experience in the hosting industry. They may also have more than thousands of customers up to their sleeve. While there are also small startups or less well-known companies who have their fair share of clients. If you are looking for hassle-free premium services, then teaming up with an experienced web hosting company can provide you with certain advantages, like the modern technology and knowledgeable experts they have and the timely resolutions you may require while experiencing certain complex problems.

But if you are looking for dirt cheap hosting plans and have time, then you can signup with a startup, who are struggling to make a name for themselves in the industry, who are young talented minds who can ensure good service despite their limited access to expensive technology.
5. Bandwidth & Storage
Bandwidth and Disk Space becomes more important if you are considering to attracts a huge amount of visitors. While choosing a plan, you need to make sure the hosting provider gives you the exact disk space and bandwidth as promised in the adage.
Often, companies that provide more than a multiple of hosting plans have limited spec plans with dirt cheap prices. This is great if you are low on budget and just want a head start as you can always upgrade to a better plan.
Another important thing you need to notice while selecting a hosting provider is by checking whether they provide Solid-State Drive (SSD) over a Hard Disk Drive (HDD). SSD is the type of storage that provides you with better performance, so it’s always better to go with a hosting plan that provides Solid-State Drive (SSD) over a Hard Disk Drive (HDD).
6. Hosting Account Accessibility
There are two common types of access to a hosting account.

  • Control panel based access
  • Root/Administrator Access

Most of the hosting providers ensure access to a Control panel which is an interface where you can control most of the functionalities that are required for a hosting account. cPanel and Plesk are one of the top paid solutions and CentOS WebPanel, Webmin being the open source versions.
Who should choose this?
If you are not familiar with the various technicalities of hosting a website/application, it is advisable to use a control panel based access.
If you do not have time to bother about your technical issues, then you need to find a good tech support partner who can easily tailor your technical support needs the way you prefer. Make sure your hosting companies provide Control panel based access.
Root/Administrator Access
A Root/Administrator based access can be opted when you have an application that needs to administer from a server level or when you have a WordPress website that needs to be hosted but does not require a control panel since you have got a team of technical experts who can perform the activities. VPS, Cloud Servers or Dedicated servers will only give root access.
7. Tech Support & Backup
Tech support by nature call for a timely and swift response from the support team side. You need to team up with a hosting provider, who ensure robust support service available at the need of the hour. Most hosting providers provide support for emergency issues via telephone and chat support, this allows them to have a clear understanding about the issue and if needed they can log into your servers, access software applications from their own remote locations and resolve issues without paying a physical visit to your offices. This kind of flexible support helps you to save a lot of time and money.

Beside Tech support, one most important thing you need to consider is the secure and redundant backup feature. This feature gives you the ability to download backups when you need. Make sure your hosting provider have this feature as it helps you to secure your website in the event of a failure or hack.
8. Easy to Install CMS and other features
You need to make sure your web host support easy installation of Content Management Systems like WordPress and is easy to set up your email and FTP (File Transfer Protocol) accounts. The web host should also help you to update and modify your site easily without any downtimes.
Make sure your host provides optimal server setup while integrating additional features so you can drive the full potential of your resources to make the website load faster and enrich the overall customer experience.
9. Pricing
Most of the time, pricing is where the game changes, a low price attracts huge customers, but many customers tend to miss the point while running behind low prices. A hosting provider may not have the required resources to provide enough resources to satisfy the demands of all websites hosted on it. The increasing number of customers leads to overload and the limited resources only reduce the overall performance of the websites hosted. 

If you are a business who primarily depends upon making money from your website, then investing in a premium plan with additional features will only help you to grow in the long run. It also helps you to have additional security features to help you be safe from the growing malicious attacks and threats. You should also make sure if the hosting provider ensures 100% refund if you are not satisfied with their services.  
10. Testimonials
Testimonials give away important information, and it can be used to determine whether the concerned company you are interested in is a reliable partner for all your web hosting needs. Testimonials are also one way of familiarising with the attitude of the company and the relations it beholds with the clients. It also helps you to make a mental picture of how the concerned company will treat you when you become their customer.  

If you are aiming to team up with an already established leader, you will get access to a vast amount of reviews and ratings from websites like Trustpilot to know more about the kind of service provided by the company. It also helps you to read between the lines and pinpoint the merits or the demerits based on customers feedback and get an idea about their quality of service, the average time for a ticket response, feedback response and their problem-solving skills. 
However, when a company has a lot of customers, the possibility of not every customer be satisfied with the quality of service provided is quite more, and more often people leave a review when something gets wrong than everything goes fine, so you need to analyse each comment and study the pattern before making the final call.
A web hosting plan can make or break your website. While considering to choose a perfect hosting plan, you to check and make sure you tick all the boxes explained here so you can make your website stable and fast before engaging in other important activities like promoting or selling your product & services to achieve huge traffic, sales, and better Return on Investment (ROI).
Every hosting plan has its own advantages and disadvantages. After deciding what you want out from your website, you can prioritize your needs based on it and work out from there. Before choosing a deal, it’s always good to garner advice from the experts. If you have any doubts about how to choose a web hosting company or need further clarifications you can contact our experts at SysAlly to straighten out the issue.  
What we can offer you at SysAlly:
At SysAlly we offer fully dedicated as well as customized server tech support for all server-side woes. Be it round-the-clock server monitoring, dedicated server administration or outsourced tech support, we do it all by following a philosophy that puts the relevant needs of our customer at the front while delivering quality products, and services.
Our tech support team are well focused on solving any grievances our customers face down the line and our engineers gather relevant solutions for customer pain points beneficiate for bettering our products and services to enrich the overall customer experience. With SysAlly’s proven experience in the industry, you get a timely resolution to all your tech support woes.
Our engineers, who are well-versed veterans backed by their immense first-hand knowledge in tech support and professional engineering backgrounds, mitigate any sophisticated issue you face down the line and helps to reduce downtime and minimize the overall billable hours. Get in touch with us and let us help you. Happy Hosting!!!
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