PSA otherwise known as Plesk Server Administrator database is the heart and lungs of Plesk. It will be a lot easier to understand a person if we know them by their heart. Same here – if we know PSA, it’s contents and it’s defaults – we can easily understand plesk and troubleshoot Plesk.
PSA is a mysql database which contains all the information regarding plesk and it’s contents like accounts, clients, databases, database servers, mail servers, mail accounts, passwords etc. This a list of commonly used tables and its structures in Plesk.
So, let’s take a look at the tables of psa.
There are 210 tables in the psa database, explaining then will take months to describe all the contents of it. We will check the most important and commonly used tables only.
Remember the golden thumb rule – Backup. Backup your PSA before diving into a production server plesk installation.

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