Plesk acquired SolusVM: Plesk, a leading web hosting control panel as well as cloud automation provider has acquired SolusVM, a UK-based virtual private server (VPS) and IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) management enterprise for an undisclosed amount.
The acquisition of SolusVM will empower Plesk to integrate the technology of their leading WebOps platform and helps to take total control over as many VPS accounts as their hardware and resources can support. SolusVM is designed for cloud service providers, and its web-based UI can manage infrastructure, integrates popular billing systems and supports several of the most widely used virtualization technologies.
The SolusVM team, led by Phill Bandelow said “We’re excited to join Plesk, and become part of a changing force in the hosting industry. SolusVM fits naturally into the growing Plesk portfolio, providing new and compelling opportunities for our customer base. They can now expect a faster pace of innovation while being able to access the WebOps services and automation that Plesk is known for.”
With the acquisition, Plesk will be able to grow from a single server control panel to a multiple cloud platform with the ability to provide cloud service providers and web professionals a single window application integrated with all the necessary features to become the future of WebOps.
Plesk in their blog announced that the acquisition will help Plesk users to access the widest portfolio of hosting solutions to automate and scale their websites and applications. Moreover, the acquisition will also allow the WebOps platform and IaaS solutions to have a complete solution.
The CEO of Plesk, Nils Hueneke said “We’re very happy to have Solus Virtual Manager and their complete VPS management solution on board,” and added “SolusVM lets companies of any size manage virtual machines – from one central user interface, with security and ease. This makes it a breeze for hosting providers, resellers, and end-users to provision, manage and sell virtual machines. It also enables cloud-based infrastructure hosting based on the most popular virtualization platforms, like Xen, KVM, and OpenVZ.”
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