Emergency Server Support

Emergency Server Support

Internet presence is not a luxury anymore for any business that wants to grow out from their garage, it is a necessity. And it often comes to a situation where you have a beautiful website which might be slow, loading with errors or even under a hack. Let us help you. SysAlly have different cost effective plans that are custom made for emergency situations.

Hack-Proof server is a myth, so be prepared if you own an exposed server. And if you are hacked, you would need to know why you are. We offerbest-effort clean up service, along with industry leading preventive procedures.

Guaranteed ZERO downtime migration! We make the migrations hassle-free, be it one with a single hosting account or an entire server infrastructure, with a hosting control panel or not.

Database crashes are common on busy websites, and critical data could be lost. It could also happen during a website upgrade. We can assist you in getting the database restored, using repair/recovery tools or from the available backup.

Server crashed? It happens, and backups are God sent. Leave the nightmare to us. With a team of experts who are having 10+years experience in hosting industry, we have dealt with almost 99% of the Disasters out there and provided high-end Recovery services.

Are you blacklisted on any RBLs? Beware of outbound spamming - We can help you track the source of spam.

Is the load on your server shooting up? We can help you troubleshoot it and bring server load under control.

Email Service is equally important as web service. We can help you sort out issues related to Mail Server, be it Exim/Postfix/Zimbra/Sendmail/MailEnable

Are any of your service acting up or failing? We can take a look, and fix it.

Response time less than 30 minutes.

If you dont see your specific issue listed here.

Pay as you go $24.99/hr
  • No advance payment
  • L3 admin assistance
  • 1 hour response time
  • Follow up assistance @discounted rate of $ 19.99/hr for 3 days
911 Priority Support @ 44.99/hr
  • No advance payment
  • L3 admin assistance
  • Chat support on skype/slack
  • 30 minute response time
  • Free monitoring for 1 month
  • Free follow up of 3 hours for 3 days