Evolving E-commerce Capabilities with DevOps and AWS


Kriips.com is a hyperlocal e-commerce platform for small and medium stores. Kriips delivers a real-life shopping experience through its digital twin model replicating brick-and-mortar shopping, virtually with zero setup cost. Headquartered in Kochi, it provides services to both businesses and consumers.

Kriips allows businesses to set up virtual shops on their platform and expand business sales both from retail and wholesale. For consumers, Kriips provides a personalized shopping experience from their local trusted stores without the hassle of going out.

The Business Challenge

Kriips.com needed fast-paced and frictionless processes, with the ability to process all transactions securely and quickly. As a bootstrapped company, they wanted to progress swiftly with the application development to make it available for customers and go live at the earliest possible time.

During the final deployment stage, they suffered various challenges because of an incongruous cloud architecture with Continuous Integration and Delivery (CI/CD) tools. This led to disharmony in platform operations and problems in application deployment. Faced with the various difficulties, they wanted viable solutions with the added goal of reducing IT overhead.

The Solution

Kriips was looking for an AWS expert company that understood the complex e-commerce industry and its regulations. Given the extensive AWS experience and after meeting the solution architecture team, SysAlly was chosen. SysAlly worked with Kriips to evaluate existing architecture and proposed AWS microservices for application hosting. The detailed scope for service implementation was derived, and the framework was designed by adopting DevOps best practices. SysAlly used microservices to devise their application hierarchy for meeting the requirements of their frontend and backend applications. Microservices architecture allowed the platform to develop rapidly with enhanced scalability and enabled innovation with agility. SysAlly utilized many AWS services, including EKS cluster to ensure a highly available backend, AWS Cognito for user management, and AWS Developer tools for CI/CD implementation.

Implementation of AWS features and functionality streamlined application development and deployment. The web pages were hosted with CloudFront and Simple Storage Service (S3) for static content. This provided the platform with robust security, efficient CI/CD processes, and modernized management tools.

The Results

The delivered solution is a comprehensive cloud platform having CI/CD pipelines with code sanity and code test. After AWS implementation, Kriips went live successfully and experienced no downtime due to the EKS cluster.

Kriips supported surging user traffic during sales with a highly scalable and elastic environment, leading to a better user experience and increased revenue generation. This benefitted the retailers with accelerated profitability that Kriips is leveraging for retaining and attracting more retailers to the platform.

Higher Conversion Rates

With the implementation of the solution, the platform grew from 5,000 to 50,000 stores in a short period.

Effortless User Onboarding

The team offered flexible service delivery with zero downtime to increase user satisfaction and engagement.


Our certified cloud team applied cloud services to improve productivity and maximize operational resources to drive cost savings.

The Impact

Kriips achieved operational efficiencies with automation and scaling, leading to increased conversion of visitors into clients and customers. The Kriips platform provided accelerated site performance with quick-loading web pages that allowed a seamless user experience. With the AWS cloud infrastructure and tools in place, Kriips.com was supercharged to deliver exceptional services.

About SysAlly

At SysAlly, we are driven by the goal of providing long-lasting cloud solutions. We value our relationship with our customers and we work with them to elevate their business to the goal they dream of. We put our expertise to use and make their business robust and agile. That’s SysAlly: Customers first.

" We were struggling with our cloud infrastructure before we reached out to SysAlly. Once they took over, we didn't have to worry for a single moment about our cloud, SysAlly always went above and beyond our expectations. They are a truly trustworthy partner"

CTO - Kriips.com

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