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Innovating faster and adapting more rapidly to unprecedented change is the new norm. With SysAlly, we leverage our proven cloud expertise to transform your business into an agile, digital enterprise. Our cloud services consulting fuels your growth, expands possibilities and builds next-generation solutions.

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What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing, the on-demand delivery of computing resources such as servers, networks, storage, development tools, intelligence and databases over the internet enables a flexible choice for organizations to access technological services quickly with a pay-as-you-go pricing model.

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Cloud services - Our approach

Navigating your digital transformation with the cloud.

SysAlly, being one of the leading cloud consulting companies, makes the best use of its industry-specific experience and expertise to discover new possibilities and create long-term value with cloud consultancy services. Wherever you are in your cloud journey, our team of cloud service consultants will provide you with a tailored, risk-mitigated cloud strategy that enables business growth and innovation in the rapidly evolving digital era.

Assess And Plan
We start by helping out businesses in mapping their journey to cloud through strategic guidance and valuable insights. Our cloud governance strategies focus on conducting a cloud suitability assessment of your enterprise workloads and creating a roadmap with well defined actionable work streams. SysAlly will evaluate the existing application portfolio, data infrastructure, and IT resources to develop the right cloud strategy best suited to your financial viability and business objectives.
Advantages of a cloud rely on the way the cloud infrastructure is built, how easily it can be replicated, scaled up/down or adding new features to the applications stack easily. Significant amount of time, effort and risk can be saved when the app is being deployed in different environments such as development, testing, QA and production. A push-button deployment as we call it, helps to manage the cloud infrastructure very efficiently.
Streamlining your transition to the cloud with the best migration strategy curbs system downtime and ensures higher data integrity. Our cloud computing consulting services focus on leveraging our domain expertise in different cloud types (public, private and hybrid) and cloud approaches (IaaS, PaaS and SaaS). Whether it is about re-hosting workload to the cloud, modernizing the application portfolio, developing your applications in the cloud or extending IT Service Management (ITSM) processes to the cloud, SysAlly executes the move to cloud securely.
Our cloud management framework enables your enterprise to govern and optimize cloud infrastructure while realizing its full value. Helping enterprises swiftly provision, monitor and manage your IT-related resources in a cloud environment, SysAlly ensures to deliver resilient and reliable operations for cloud workloads. Our cloud consultancy services combined with a rich set of capabilities for disaster recovery, automation, orchestration, auto-scaling, incident management and auditing simplifies and streamlines your processes resulting in optimized performance and cost-efficient cloud operations.

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To transform 365andUP’s infrastructure performance challenges due to its hybrid infrastructure of AWS and DigitalOcean, SysAlly applied a holistic approach to migrate and leverage the AWS cloud. SysAlly drastically simplified 365andUP’s technology infrastructure and operations, reduced the workload on their engineering team, and vastly improved customer experience.

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Why should your business embrace the cloud?

Cloud offers a revolutionary shift from the traditional way organizations think about computing resources. Partnering with the right cloud consulting companies and implementing the right cloud services solutions creates business agility that produces a sustainable competitive advantage.

Cloud computing services – What we offer

Reaping maximum business value from cloud platforms.

SysAlly offers a comprehensive portfolio of cloud services that bring together applications, infrastructure and security to leverage the ability of cloud computing to fuel significant growth. Give your business a competitive advantage in this fast-paced digital world with intelligent cloud computing solutions that fit your business, operational, security and compliance needs.

Cloud Enablement

Enable end-to-end cloud adoption rapidly and address every aspect of your migration process with cloud enablement services.

Cloud Migration

Plan and execute the best cloud migration strategy by evaluating your enterprise application portfolio and moving it to the cloud deployment of your choice.

Cloud Managed Services

Manage your cloud infrastructure and applications to ensure they are working optimally and in compliance with security standards and Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

Cloud-Native Development

Design, build and deploy cloud-native applications and transform legacy systems or monolithic applications with a systematic cloud-native development approach.

Make the move to the cloud

Achieve smarter outcomes with related technology platforms.

Amazon Web Services
Innovate and grow with the AWS cloud infrastructure that’s secure, cost-effective and highly adaptive to your needs.
Microsoft Azure
Scale up your efficiencies effortlessly and get the unmatched performance that Microsoft Azure can provide.
Google Cloud
Benefit from the cloud infrastructure of Google that’s operationally efficient, robust and yet extremely easy to work on.
Add efficiency and speed to your teams with powerful VMware and empower them to serve your customers better.
Cut your time to market, add flexibility and have your organization achieve technological leadership with Openstack.
Public Cloud
Slash costs and achieve inexpensive, on-demand availability of resources to stay on top of the game in business.
Private Cloud
Enjoy huge flexibility and massive customization opportunities within a safe and secure business environment.
Hybrid Cloud
Run on strong data protection, encourage innovation and get the cloud benefits of both the worlds.

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We have zero tolerance for downtime. Our team of experts are available 24/7/365.

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