First, you have to check which version of WordPress you are now in. After confirming the availability of the latest wordpress version, you can easily update it using Cpanel by the following steps:

Login in to your WordPress Account >> Admin Panel

Click – Update now from the tab

The WordPress update page will be shown. When an update is available, then “An updated version of WordPress is available.” in bold letters will be displayed with an ‘Update Now’ button below it.

Click the Update Now button and your WordPress will be automatically updated to the latest version.

Updating Themes and Plugins in WordPress

In the WordPress admin panel, browse to the “Updates” page, if there are any plugins or themes with updates available. You can use the update checkbox next to the listed plugins and themes to update it to the newer version.

Note: Before you update to core versions of WordPress (i;e from 3.04 to 4.01 etc), it is important to
make a MySQL database backup.

You can backup your SQL Database using the following steps:

1. Login to your control panel >> Click Backups.
2. Under Download a MySQL Database Backup >> Click the name of the database
3. Click Save As
4. Choose a destination for the back up to be saved locally.
After creating a backup, you will be prompted to log back in as the admin user and start the
WordPress update.