cPanel Solo – The new offering from cPanel; is it for you?

“cPanel Solo™ is a single user server license that has the exact same features as a VPS or Dedicated Server License; however, the cPanel Solo license is intended for those web hosts or individuals who only need one user to manage their hosting account.” – says cPanel. It can be used for a dedicated server as well as for a virtualized environment.

What is the difference between cPanel Solo and the standard editions?

Apart from pricing, the only difference between cPanel and cPanel Solo is in the number of available logins. When the Dedicated and VPS licenses provide unlimited cPanel accounts you can create, the cPanel Solo license limits the number of accounts to one.

There are often situations where people want to host a single website; but want to manage it with a control panel. cPanel Solo is suited for these cases where reseller-specific features, multi-account functions etc. are not needed. cPanel Solo, however, requires cPanel & WHM version 66.0.25 or later.

Do you need cPanel Solo?

If you have only a single website, and needs a control panel to manage it, cPanel Solo will fit your purpose very well. cPanel is a well-thought-out control panel having all the desirable functionalities for web hosting.

The curious case of pricing

The official pricing for the monthly plan of cPanel Solo is $15. Many resellers like are offering VPS licenses with unlimited accounts for similar prices, let alone the competition. Plesk, a cPanel rival, costs just $9.16 a month for the Web Admin Edition. Working with Plesk since version 7.5, we have seen some major enhancements, functionalities, and investments from the newer Plesk Onyx versions.

It will be interesting to see how web hosting industry will evolve with the shift towards containerization.

Happy WebHosting!


Author Ginto
Written on February 13th, 2018