InspireU from STC

Digitizing the startup accelerator

Bringing digital transformation to process for the startups from application to funding

Technologies: Java Spring Boot, Angular, MongoDB, MySQL

InspireU from STC

InspireU, an initiative by Saudi Telecom Company (STC), emerges as a transformative platform at the forefront of cultivating innovation and entrepreneurship in Saudi Arabia. As a flagship program, InspireU aims to empower the country's youth, fostering a culture of creativity, technological advancement, and business acumen. With a vision to drive economic diversification and societal progress, InspireU provides aspiring entrepreneurs with invaluable resources, mentorship, and funding to turn their innovative ideas into thriving businesses. Through strategic partnerships, educational initiatives, and impactful community engagement, InspireU stands as a beacon for cultivating the next generation of leaders and visionaries, propelling Saudi Arabia toward a future defined by innovation, sustainability, and economic resilience. Digitizing the entire startup incubation journey, spanning from applications to fund distribution, proved to be a demanding process. Additionally, the client sought a front-end application with analytical capabilities to oversee the programs. To address these needs, we crafted a platform centered around ICT/digital innovation, aiming to bolster entrepreneurship and digital advancements. This solution streamlined startup operations, effortlessly managing the application-to-funding process while presenting analytics through the front end. Our approach involved meticulous discovery phases, including requirement documents, functional specifications, and wireframes. Aligned with STC's vision, we developed an application to oversee the startup incubation process, enabling teams to submit proposals. The client gained total control, from reviewing applications to fund allocation. Leveraging JavaSpringboot and Angular technology stacks, we built a microservices-based 3-tier architecture meeting STC standards. This application is a pivotal initiative for STC, supporting Vision 2030, Saudi Arabia's transformative reform policy shaping its global presence.


  • Startup Invitations - The module helps the management send and manage invitations to startups for the accelerator program.
  • Induction - Effortless management of the evaluation and induction programs of the startups.
  • Startup Programs Management - The module helps the incubators manage various programs for each startup.
  • Academy Rooms - The module helps to manage the academy room, including training, workshops, surveys, and assignments.
  • Mark Cards - The module lets the incubator generate mark cards based on the startup's performance on various assignments, surveys, and attendance.
  • Progress Reports - The startup can find a progress report that includes documents on business development, operations, finance activities, and public relationships as a graph.
  • Calendar management - Meeting and scheduling other programs are effortless with the calendar module.
  • Due Diligence - Document uploading, validation, and management are effortless with the due diligence module.


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